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Staff Hui


  • 9:00am: Kapa Haka or Whakatau

  • 9:25am: Opening of hui (check the list to see if you are opening)

  • 9:27am: Sharing of the peace

  • 9:30am: Kaupapa of the day

  • 10:27am: Closing of hui (check the list to see if you are closing) 

  • 10:30am: Karakia for kai (check the list to see if you are offering karakia for kai)

  • 10:30am: Kaitahi

If we have new staff or students joining the mission, we will have a whakatau and whānaungatanga instead of Kapa Haka.

Staff list

Below is what the tentative kaupapa of the hui will be as well as those who are either opening, closing or offering karakia for the kai. If you are unable to make it for whatever reason, please organise for someone to take your place. 


Staff hui is about creating opportunities for professional and personal development. This will consist of workshops, presentations, activities, cultural awareness and more. Engagement and participation is expected of everyone and these hui are mandatory for all staff unless you have organised prior with your team leader and the general manager. 

Below is the content for each staff hui.

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